Affirmative Action

Written affirmative action plans are required of employers with fifty (50) or more employees and that have contracts, subcontracts (and/or some grants) with the federal government in excess of $50,000. In fact, the federal government has increased funding for the auditing of affirmative action plans, and stringent compliance and enforcement procedures have been instituted to audit plans with little or no notice! Often, comprising over 100 pages of statistical and narrative material, these plans must be maintained on an annual basis; inaccurate or incomplete affirmative action plans can result in the termination of government contracts and disqualify you from future opportunities.

Whether you are looking to implement an affirmative action plan, conduct an audit of your current plan, or maintain your plan within the changing legal landscape, our HR and legal professionals can help. You may want to evaluate if you can withstand an affirmative action audit from the federal government or determine if the numerous regulatory changes have been implemented to ensure that your plan is not obsolete or incomplete. We guide organizations on the road to compliance and train your personnel on how to generate the required statistical reports.

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