Background Checks

Statistics show that data provided by applicants is often misleading, exaggerated, or completely false.  In fact, our partner AAIM reports that 21 percent of reports provided to employers return adverse information. How, as the potential employer, do you ensure the accuracy of this information and, ultimately, avoid the cost, disruption and embarrassment of a bad hire? 

Streamlined approach. Secure portal.

After an exhaustive review of both the content and delivery of our background checking services, we have implemented a streamlined approach in conjunction with our colleagues at AAIM Employers' Association. Located in St. Louis and fully accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), AAIM Employers' Association offers a comprehensive suite of background screening services through its own secured portal.

Through our partnership with AAIM, we can help with verification of employment, education, licensing, miloitary service, social security, and other key indicators. Often within 72 hours. We screen for hot buttons in critical areas such as criminal records, sex offender registries, driving histories, and credit reports. In an effort to strengthen America against future terrorist attacks, we help businesses comply with the Patriot Act which prevents participation in "any transaction or dealing" in the United States with specifically designated entities or people.

Benefits for Participants Include:

Simplicity: AAIMCheck can be your single point of contact and source for all of your background checking needs: employment, criminal, credit, motor vehicle, education and more.

Customer service: As a sister employers’ association, AAIM is focused on serving its members and members from sister associations like EANE.

Value: Leveraging the power of membership, competitive pricing has been put into place to ensure you receive value without sacrificing quality.

Flexibility: The portal can be customized

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See specific details of the AAIM's background checking and substance abuse services here.

To learn more, contact Michelle Gneda at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at