Management Conference

The 2018 Management Conference was held on April 5th.   

For managers, supervisors, and team leaders who want to learn how to motivate, inspire, lead and succeed. The annual management conference focused on developing core leadership competencies. The management conference is all about professional development with leadership experts sharing proven strategies and techniques in core areas essential to your leadership success. This year's keynotes were:


Scott Deming, Motivational Speaker

Learn how to create a passionate and purposeful culture.  Scott Deming draws on over 30 years of real, in the trenches, corporate life.  He is an expert at explaining the inner workings of leadership and culture. Scott is experienced in speaking about cultures in many different types of agencies from non-profit organizations to international conglomerates.  Scott sends his attendees away not only excited to make a change, but armed with the tools to do so.

Kim Kenney-Rockwal, Director of the MBA Program at Elms College

"Do you hire for skills or cultural fit?"   Join Kim Kenney-Rockwal as she addresses this question.   Kim is the Director of the MBA Program and Assistant Professor of Business Management at Elms College.    Prior to joining the college she was the Director of Human Resources at Health New England, located in Springfield, Mass., where she oversaw HR Operations, Process Improvement, and contributed to the strategic direction of Talent Management.  Ms. Kenney-Rockwal served as an internal Executive Coach, supporting the delivery of High Performance programs and coaching activities throughout HNE.

Rich Trombetta, President of The Innovation Company

UNLEASH the talents of team members by creating a culture where everyone feels SAFE to participate.   Psychological safety is a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.  In psychologically safe teams, team members feel accepted and respected. Join Rich Trombetta, President of The Innovation Company, as he builds off research and examples from prominent organizations such as Google, Harvard Business School, and Brigham & Women's Hospital.   Experience and learn specific tools and techniques you can implement immediately to create a high performing work culture that taps into the talents of EVERYONE.