Meet The Trainers

Our training professionals come from a wide range of industries and are known for bringing our learning and development programs to life. With an unwavering focus on participant-centered learning, EANE trainers use interactive exercises, case studies, self-assessments, and role playing to create a dynamic learning environment.

Mark Adams

Mark Adams leads the HR Solutions team, providing services to member companies and directing programs for affirmative action, background checking, and data surveys … among others.  Often handling real-time HOTLINE questions from member companies, Mark is known for his ability to respond quickly and efficiently to member questions, synthesizing the...

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Patti D'Amaddio

Patti D’Amaddio combines her fifteen years of experience in corporate HR with over a decade of experience at the Employers Association of the NorthEast and a master’s degree in business administration and management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) to lead the strategic HR Solution team for EANE.

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Peter Brunault

Peter Brunault is part of the HR services team and known for his business-wise approach to regulatory and compliance challenges including harassment and discrimination. Peter handles HOTLINE calls and a variety of HR projects including audits, recruiting and investigations.

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Laura Rooney

Laura Rooney spearheads EANE’s special Small Business Service option for businesses of 20 or fewer employees and provides customized resources for those members. She presents the training and course of study for the HR certification, and frequently leads and facilitates EANE roundtable forums on skill-building and compliance topics.

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Meredith Wise

With more than twenty-five years of experience in HR management and over a decade as President of EANE, Meredith Wise spearheads the EANE mission, leading a staff of 20+ professionals with four offices in three states. She is known for her focus on employee engagement within companies and organizations.

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Amanda Wilsher

Amanda Wilsher joined EANE in June of 2016 as an HR Specialist with over 10 years of experience in diverse HR roles from small start-ups to mid-sized established companies. She brings to EANE a broad scope of capabilities including employee relations, coaching and development, benefits, payroll, and management … and...

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Val Boudreau

Val Boudreau is known for her ability to understand talent, learning and people requirements and deliver strategic solutions that achieve business objectives. She is a strong leader with highly-valued collaboration, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Val establishes rapport and credibility with diverse groups at all levels. 

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