Our highly popular EANE roundtables are an interactive learning opportunity structured to exchange information, provide networking with peers, and learn from other member organizations, all in a confidential setting. From best-practices to common workplace frustrations and challenges, the member-selected topics produce an active and spirited interchange of ideas and information as well as ongoing connections that last beyond the roundtable session. 

Each group discusses a wide variety of issues, concerns, situations, problems and solutions common to their respective occupations. Many of the sessions feature a speaker for 15-30 minutes on a topic of the group's choice and then continues with open discussion, sharing of information and networking.  Participants often consider the EANE roundtable groups as an ad hoc consulting team. 

The monthly gatherings – frequently held at our training centers and our members’ locations throughout the region -- draw professionals from established companies, local small businesses, and start-ups from many industry sectors. Roundtables run from October through June; participants can sign up for all the gatherings or join at any time throughout the year.

See specific topics and locations below for our 2016-2017 season. For more information, contact Michelle Gneda @ 877-662-6444.

Registration, cost and incentives:

Most sessions cost $100 to $200 for the entire season with selected high-level sessions priced higher. We encourage you to share the benefits of networking. Introduce ONE new participant to any EANE Roundtable and you will both enjoy a full season at half the price. Introduce TWO new participants to any EANE Roundtable and you will enjoy a free season plus each of your new attendees will enjoy 50% savings.

Topic of Roundtable | Location | Meeting Dates

1.  Human Resources Roundtable | Yarde Metals, Southington, CT | Third Fridays
2.  Human Resources Roundtable | Braman Chemical, Agawam, MA | First Fridays
3.  Human Resources Roundtable | Elder Services of Berkshire County, Pittsfield, MA | First Fridays (every other month)
4.  Human Resources Roundtable | Yankee Candle, South Deerfield, MA | First Fridays (every other month)
5.  Human Resources Roundtable | Leominster Credit Union, Leominster, MA | Fourth Thursdays
6.  Human Resources Roundtable | EANE Auburn Training Center, Auburn MA | First Wednesdays
7.  Human Resources Roundtable | EANE Agawam Training Center, Agawam, MA | Fourth Fridays
8.  Human Resources Roundtable | RISCPA Headquarters, Cranston, RI | Second Fridays
9.  Safety Roundtable | EANE Agawam Training Center, Agawam, MA | First Fridays
10. Finance Roundtable | Meyers Brothers Kalicka, Holyoke, MA | Second Fridays
11. C-Suite Executive Roundtable | EANE Agawam Training Center, Agawam, MA | Third Fridays
12. C-Suite Executive Roundtable | Lundgren Honda, Auburn, MA | Third Thursdays
13. C-Suite Executive Roundtable | ADNET Technologies, Farmington, CT | Second Fridays
14.IT Roundtable | EANE Agawam Training Center, Agawam, MA | Second Fridays (every other month)