Training Grants

EANE is very excited to announce that we were awarded a $200,000 Direct Access Program training grant from the MA Workforce Training Fund.  As most MA employers know, the Workforce Training fund aims to promote job growth, retention and increased opportunities for employees by increasing business productivity and competitiveness for MA businesses.  The Direct Access Program was created for smaller-scale training needs and covers the entire cost of training for employees from Massachusetts businesses of all sizes.  It complements the General Grant and Express Fund programs as vehicles for employers of all sizes, who pay into the MA unemployment fund, to obtain funds to finance training initiatives.  EANE's Principles of Leadership and Leadership Skills for Lead People programs qualify for these funds.  For frequently asked questions regarding the MA Direct Access Program click here.  You can also reach out to Susan Bearce at or toll free at 877-662-6444.

Whether you work in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island or beyond, EANE professionals will help you make a compelling case to secure funding for the training you need. In fact, workforce training grants are often the backbone of a training budget and the answer to learning and development needs. Companies may receive up $250,000 in grant-funded training.

The Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund provides resources to increase job retention, growth and wages; to foster more productive and competitive companies; and, ultimately, to improve the ability to do business in Massachusetts and to increase commitments to private investment in training.

The Connecticut Employment & Training Administration provides thousands of dollars in grants and contracts each year through its Workforce Investment Act.  The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training’s Business Workforce Center provides workforce assistance. 

The focus of the grants  are often skills that are transferable and measurable, ranging from those that impact productivity, system and process improvements  to areas of staff retention and career advancement, to leadership, team building and communication.  

For more information, contact Barb Lantz at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at