Is A Review of Your Employee Handbook on Your Punch List for 2019?

The start of a new year brings optimism and recognition of the work needed to reach this year’s goals. The question that some will confront is:  is it time to dust off our handbook and have it reviewed or updated?

For some, legal and regulatory changes on a federal or state level may drive the need for review and change.  Paid Family and Medical Leave, Pay Equity, Paid Sick Leave or a combination of these or other topics (depending upon your state) may require a review by default to ensure compliance.

However, even in the absence of such legislative or regulatory developments, the organic and rapid change that many businesses face to remain viable and competitive can likewise have the impact of practices no longer remaining in alignment with the policies that are in an employee’s hands.  Or, it may be that new leadership has taken the reins and with ascension have brought a new philosophy or management style that lead to that outcome as well.  Regardless of the root cause, misalignment and inconsistent communication of policy can have dire consequences from creating a disengaged workforce allegations of bias and discrimination.

It is for these reasons that we recommend that companies should consider reviewing their handbooks on a scheduled basis:  no later than every three years.

Is it time?  If so, let us help.  We review countless handbooks for compliance, best practice, consistency and alignment.  For more information or a proposal, contact Mark Adams today.