See why this virtual conference goes beyond the expected compensation and benefits. The sessions described below show the dynamic and critical solutions that will be gained by attending this conference in the areas of Compensation, Well-Being, Benefits, Development and Recognition!

Opening Keynote

New Work Exchange

Presented by Scott Cawood, WorldAtWork

The pandemic has shifted the way people live and work. Perhaps more importantly, it has also shifted how people think about work and the value they seek from it. The pandemic has been disruptive to the processes we have relied upon for decades to attract, retain, engage, and grow our workforces. Much of how we are working today would be unrecognizable to just a few years ago when workers and employers relied on a traditional employment exchange built on a series perks and benefits. Way more important than the great resignation, we are facing a prolific rebalancing resulting from the severe economic and social shifts that have emerged and influence how organizations need to shape their employee experience and human capital strategies. 

HR has a compelling leadership role to play to help lead organizations through the monumental changes that have already arrived at your workplace. This session will focus on the emerging trends in “New Work” and explore the urgency and opportunity that comes with it.

Early Break Out Sessions

Creative Benefits That Drive Employee Engagement

Presented by Jess Podgajny, Lluna

The definition of benefits is expanding . . . what people want is often not our typical assumption of benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.). The modern employee wants to feel seen and heard for what they need and who they are right now. Adjusting benefits policies can lead to great results for both the employer and employees – think about flexibility, working hours, working days, professional development and perks in a new way . . . We’ll dive into how!

Today’s Top Talent Want A Strong Tomorrow | How to utilize your retirement plan as a recruiting and retaining tool

Presented by Catherine Freeman, Mutual of America

• When was the last time you benchmarked your plan provisions (match, vesting, Roth) against industry standards?
• Have you looked at new and unique ways to recruit experienced essential team members via their retirement?
• Is your plan seen as an impactful benefit to staff? Are they being encouraged to participate and fully understand this valuable benefit?
• To make the retirement plan one of the valued tools it needs to be fully understood and participation needs to be encouraged. Who is helping you with this?

Benchmarking and Market Pay

Presented by Molly Galloway, What’s Next, Inc

Attracting and retaining talent has always been a challenge but the pandemic and “Great Resignation” have changed the demands and added new pressures on organizations. It is critical to understand the evolving expectations about the employee experience, rising pay, culture, and communication to compete for talent. Since companies must be even more tuned in to external competition, benchmarking and market pay strategies should be revisited. In this session, Molly Galloway will explain how to use and interpret salary survey data while also factoring in other required variables. She will provide insight into how companies should adjust strategies using benchmark data to support attracting and retaining required talent.

Late Break Out Sessions

Communicating Total Rewards

Presented by Jenny MacKay, USI Insurance Services


Rachel Oliverio, USI Insurance Services

Join the discussion on issues, trends, creative strategies and mediums of effectively capturing and communicating your employee benefit plans to your workforce. Jenny and Rachel have decades of industry experience and will address a wide variety of topics including generational differences in the workplace, varying communication styles, creating a strategy and tools and resources to execute.

Variable Compensation

Presented by Susan Malanowski, Wilson Group


Jean Riley, Wilson Group

Innovative ways to motivate and reward your workforce with incentives and achieve your business objectives. In this session, participants will learn how to design or improve the effectiveness of their incentive plans by understanding their prevalence and the common features. This will include both executive and broad-based incentive plans, short and long-term plans using both cash and equity vehicles. The discussion will address: the difference between a bonus and incentive, common design features, ten steps to plan assessment and design, and an introduction to long-term incentive vehicles.

Employee Development | It’s a Win-Win-Win Strategy

Presented by Margaret Uhrich, MidAtlantic Employers’ Association


John Henderson, Employers Association of the NorthEast

When you offer the benefit of development to your employees everyone wins – you, the employee and the organization! In this session, we’ll explore ways to be creative in your approach to development. We’ll share examples of how to maximize your development efforts and how to involve the employee’s direct supervisor in the process.

Closing Keynote

How Self-Awareness Leads to Organizational Wellbeing

Presented by Mohammad Anwar, Softway and Culture+


Frank Danna, Culture+

The workplace revolution has arrived. Are you ready to thrive in the great reshuffle? Mohammad Anwar and Frank Danna, two authors of the WSJ Bestseller Love as a Business Strategy, will offer a new, people-first framework that leads to organizational wellbeing, resilience, and success. Get ready to ditch the status quo and embrace humanity.

Average HRCI & SHRM® Credits: 3

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