2023 National Business Trends Survey Results

We are happy to release the results of the 2023 National Business Trends Survey! This survey is a collaboration with other Employers Associations from across the county. The 2023 National Business Trends Survey includes 1,167 distinct participating organizations covering all 50 states and Washington D.C. 

While the current economic outlook may have business leaders proceeding with caution, survey participants indicate that business is looking up. Fifty-nine percent of respondents expect some type of increase in sales/revenue for 2023 – 11% expect a significant increase and 48% expect a slight increase. For our Northeast region, 64.9% of respondents expect some type of increase in sales/revenue with 21.5% indicating they expect a significant increase and 43.4% indicating that they expect a slight increase in sales/revenue. 

Nationally and regionally, when executives were asked what they believe will be the greatest challenges to their industry in 2023, the top three responses were:

  • Talent acquisition 
  • Cost of materials 
  • Talent retention 

Executives were also asked to identify short and long-term challenges to their business with short-term being defined as within the next year and long-term within the next 5 years. Responses here are slightly different. 

Short-Term % of Responses

Long-Term % of Responses




Talent Acquisition 



Cost of Materials



Talent Retention



Ability to pay competitive wages/salaries



Business Leaders were asked what they thought are the most important factors prospective employees are looking for. The top six responses nationally and regionally are reflected in the following table: 



Competitive Pay (86%) 

Competitive Pay (80%) 

Good work/life balance (76%) 

Good work/life balance (75%) 

Flexibility in work hours (62%)  

Flexibility in work hours (60%) 

Vacation/paid time off (36%) 

Recognition & reward for good performance (38%)

Competitive/robust health benefits (33%) 

Hybrid work opportunities (29%) 

Recognition & reward for good performance (31%) 

Strong organizational culture (28%) 

EANE in collaboration with the EAA provides the National Business Trends as an annual survey to share information on what organizations and executives did in 2022 and what they are planning to do for 2023 regarding the changing business climate. The full report covers economic, business and HR topics including: 

  • Business Outlook
  • Business Investment Plans
  • Staffing Plans
  • Recruitment/Retention Challenges
  • Job Creation Challenges
  • Business Improvement Measures
  • Pay Strategies
  • Business Challenges

To obtain a copy of the full 2023 Business Trends Survey Results contact Allison Ebner at [email protected]