3 Weeks Until The Launch

Thank you for your patience as EANE has been pulling together the final details on our new website. We are excited to launch the new site in three weeks. Last month we shared an article about some of the features you can expect to enjoy on the new site.  This quick read serves as a housekeeping note so that your organization can get the most benefit from the new site.

Member Only Access to Robust Resources

Our member organizations have come to rely on the resources that are available on the “Members Only” access area of www.EANE.org. This is not going away.  In fact, it should be much easier to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Many member organizations have already helped us prepare for your full engagement with the new website by replying to the member contact letters that were mailed to our main contacts. EANE is updating our records and need your assistance with the list of your present staff members.  We need to know who is still with you, and most importantly, who from our database-generated contact list should have access to the Members Only portion of our new website and who is authorized to call our HR Hotline/Information line.

If you need another copy of the contact list that we have on record, or if you don’t remember receiving the letter we sent, please click here to email Meg Coursey so that she can get it over to you.   

Logging In For the First Time

Just before EANE launches our new website, our members will receive a detailed email with instructions about how to log in to the website.  By logging in you will not only gain access to all the resources that are available to members only.  You will also be able to see a record of any training registrations that you complete on the new website.  (We can’t wait to show you the entire “My EANE” Dashboard.)

We are encouraging users to experience the new site from a Chrome browser, but we are still making tweaks to ensure that other browsers will support a fully functional experience.

If you are interested in test driving the new site to help us find bugs before the launch date email Danielle Goldaper. We want to break the website before we hand it over to you, but we could use a few extra hands.  

Stay tuned for additional updates and previews of the new site.