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NLRB Allows Employer to Ban Nonemployee Union Representatives from Public Space within Its Facility

On February 21, 2013, two nonemployee union representatives entered the cafeteria located on the hospital’s 11th floor and met with a group of employees. The representatives ate lunch with the employees and discussed union campaign matters. Other employees stopped at the tables during the time the union representatives were there. Union flyers and pins were displayed on the tables at which the union representatives were sitting. At least one off-duty employee passed out some flyers to others in the cafeteria.

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Are Interns Employees?

Are interns employees? Are they volunteers? Who gets more out of the relationship, the intern or their hosting company? Know who needs a paycheck and a W-2.

Survey Update

2019 Southern New England Compensation Survey results are available for purchase and this year’s Insurance and Benefits Survey is underway.