Would DOL and IRS find Compliance in Your Records?

Have you received that dreaded phone all or letter from the Department of Labor or the IRS? If you’re unprepared for a visit from either (or both) of these government agencies your organization could be facing significant fines. We are all operating under the confines of a heavily regulated employment environment and compliance is fundamental …

The Single Question That Can Change The Way You Lead

It’s one thing to manage a team: You follow organizational rules and procedures and you ensure your team does the same. Managing a team is no easy feat and now there’s an added weighty layer called “coaching”. How in the world am I supposed to coach my team? I don’t have time for that. Leadership …

Why Your Business Needs Veterans in the Workforce

This Veteran’s Day, we would like to thank the men and women who have served our country in the US Armed forces. Without their bravery and commitment, we would not enjoy the safeties and comforts that are so easily taken for granted. In our work of helping businesses improve their results by providing staffing, compliance …

2019 Employer of Choice Award Presented to CIS Abroad

CIS Abroad of Northampton, MA was selected as the Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE) Employer of Choice Award recipient for 2019. The award was presented at EANE’s Employment Law and HR Practices Conference luncheon at the Sheraton Monarch Place in Springfield, MA on November 7. The Employer of Choice award recognizes companies and organizations …

Don’t Wait For Employees to Sign Their Union Cards

Do You Know What You Would Do If a Union Showed Up At Your Door?
Do you know that it is more expensive to operate a unionized business than one that is not unionized?
While the numbers vary (depending upon the size of the business and industry), studies have pegged the additional cost at anywhere from 25% to 35% more to the bottom line. In this day and age of running lean and optimizing margins (either to maximize profits of shareholders or to reinvest into your business in order to remain competitive and grow), that added cost may be more than what many can bear.

Emergency Preparedness Plans for Today’s HR Operations

Between unexpected employee leaves, open enrollment logistics and compliance updates that cause an overhaul of internal systems it is easy to feel like you’ve lived through corporate disasters on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why HR professionals are great at being calm in crisis situations. But how prepared is your HR operation for a legitimate …

Critical Knowledge that Every HR Employee Needs

Do you have someone on your team who is new to Human Resources? Maybe you wear multiple hats, or cover a variety of duties in the office and got “stuck” performing HR responsibilities. EANE wants to help make sense of all this “HR stuff!” Besides leveraging the support of our HR Hotline, we have training programs that are designed to make sense of the legal nuances of HR. Help your organization avoid costly (and time consuming) errors by ensuring that the people on your HR team gain this critical knowledge.

3 Steps To Kickstart Your 2020 Learning & Development Plan

Organizations are no longer asking “Should we employ a plan?” The question has shifted. Instead, they ask, “How do we implement a plan that will help us reach our goals?”
If you want to get started, but the idea of it leaves you overwhelmed, try these 3 low-risk, high-impact steps to jumpstart your plan

Employers Association of the NorthEast Welcomes New Professionals to The Team!

Employers Association of the NorthEast is proud to announce that our professional team has continued to grow. With the numerous employment law changes and the tight labor market that companies are navigating, EANE is proud to have grown our already formidable bench strength with recent additions to our team! We’re proud of our tradition of …