Throughout the 6-month program, participants will meet twice per month for 60-minute, virtual group sessions, each focused on a different leadership competency, as detailed below. Each session includes a mix of small and large group discussions. Participants are provided with materials and exercises to best prepare for each session. They are also encouraged to commit to focused action following each session. In addition to bi-weekly group sessions, participants will be assigned to small learning teams of 3-4 women. These groups will meet between sessions, at their discretion, to dive more deeply into the content and engage in peer coaching.

Series Sessions Include

Session 1 | Introduction

The first session begins with an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves to one another. To create a safe, engaging space for women to share openly with each other, it’s important to establish trust and connection. This session also includes the establishment of ground rules.

Session 2 | Overview

This session orients participants to the leadership competency by framing, at a high-level, each of the topics. Participants are invited to share their insights/questions, as well as their highest priority focus areas, as defined in their self-assessments.

Session 3 | Confidence

Because of the prevalence of Impostor Syndrome across women in traditionally male-dominated fields, confidence serves as the foundational pillar upon which all others are built. In this session, participants explore common triggers of confidence issues and how to effectively manage self-doubt. Women are provided with specific, actionable strategies to build their short and long-term confidence.

Session 4 | Career Goals

The career goals session focuses on empowering women to clarify their short and long-term leadership goals. Exercises encourage them to define a leadership vision that reflects their core values and strengths. Participants are also encouraged to identify resources that can help them achieve their goals.

Session 5 | Strategic Relationships

This session addresses common challenges that undermine women’s ability to develop strategic relationships across their organizations, including self-doubt and limited access. We explore the importance of a diverse network of relationships and identify key strategies to expand our networks internally and externally.

Session 6 | Communication

This session focuses on the need to understand our own communication styles, as well as those around us. Using the Deloitte Business Chemistry Profiles, participants are asked to examine their own styles and identify the styles of key stakeholders. We discuss key strategies for connecting with other styles, as well as tips for avoiding common communication traps facing women (i.e. minimizing language, unnecessary detail, etc.).

Session 7 | Influence

This session bridges the strategic relationships and communication sessions with a focus on navigating organizational politics. We explore the most effective ways to position ideas, gain support and minimize conflict. Participants are encouraged to define opportunities to build a stronger voice and strategically seek to build influence.

Session 8 Visibility

This session recognizes the limiting beliefs and structural barriers that undermine women’s ability to self-promote and raise their visibility. Here we discuss strategies to reframe the idea that our work should speak for itself and engage in proactive efforts to educate others on our strengths and values.

Session 9 | Strategic Mindset

This session facilitates the transition from expert to leader. Whereas individual contributors demonstrate value through tactical work, leaders must engage in discussions and decision-making that transcend specific tasks and connect to larger business goals. Here participants learn to think about their work more strategically and apply it to larger initiatives.

Session 10 | Time Management

Building on the strategic mindset session, this session focuses on prioritizing and delegating work to ensure that we’re engaging in the highest value activity. It also teaches the importance of boundary setting and saying no, which is generally more difficult for women. We also discuss the holistic importance of creating time for personal goals and self-care.

Session 11 | Wrap Up

This session brings together the previous sessions and encourages participants to reflect on their progress. We review key highlights and re-evaluate priorities/focus areas. Participants are encouraged to create an action plan for how to move forward when the program concludes, including specific action steps and accountability measures.

Session 12 | Celebration

This session is an opportunity for the women to celebrate their successes and share key wins. We create a space for women to practice self-promotion by encouraging them to speak candidly about their journey and accomplishments. This session also offers an opportunity to formally say goodbye and determine how to stay connected in the future.

Registration Fee:

Registration Fee for Members is $1180

Registration Fee for Future Members is $1475

The EANE Program Champion For This Series Is Allison Ebner. She will be happy to assist you with any questions you have about this series.