Connecticut Is The Next State in Our Region To Begin Paid Leave

Make Sure Your Organization Is Ready to Be In Compliance

Connecticut employers are slated to begin deducting from payroll at the start of the new year in accordance with the Connecticut Paid and Medical Leave Act. The payroll deductions are just the first step though. The CT Paid Leave (CT PL) Authority has identified the dates that these deductions are scheduled to be submitted to the trust fund in anticipation of the claims that will be paid out starting in January of 2022.

EANE has created a CT PL Key Dates For Employers guide to help businesses prepare for the required deadlines, as the CT PL Authority has already indicated that late payments may be subject to both penalties and interest charges. The first deadline is fast approaching, CT employers are required to register their business with the CT PL Authority by December 31, 2020.

More Suggested Actions For Connecticut Employers

In order to make your organization’s transition to these new regulations as smooth as possible, we recommend that employers initiate these additional processes as soon as possible:

  • Assess the status of any “1099 contractors” | Those misclassified should be changed immediately to allow for proper payroll and payroll deductions.
  • Evaluate whether you will seek a private plan alternative | There are numerous carriers offering plans.
  • If seeking a private plan, develop and roll out a communication strategy | Engage your employees on these benefits. Under CT PL, an employer cannot adopt a private plan unless it is approved by a majority of its employees.
  • Evaluate existing personnel policies and forms | Additions or adjustments should be made effective January 1, 2022, for compliance purposes; including but are not limited to Attendance, Call-Out Procedures, FMLA or CFMLA, Leave of Absence, and Vacation/Sick/PTO policies.
  • Review your performance management and discipline policies | Ensure they don’t penalize an employee for going out on CT PL while meeting the organization’s needs for correcting violations, improving poor performance and defining the consequences for the continuation of these challenges.
  • Begin training managers | Several requirements and responsibilities of CT PL will be their tasks to manage.

EANE is hosting a FREE CT Paid Leave webinar on December 16th where we will be joined by Andrea Barton Reeves, the CEO of the CT Paid Leave Authority. CT employer participation in this learning event is encouraged.