Increase Engagement & Productivity with Self-Awareness

Wouldn’t it be great if each manager knew the behavioral strengths and priorities of their direct reports? Image how useful that information would be when assigning tasks to employees. What if individual team members knew their own communication tendencies and the preferences of their colleagues? Does this utopia exist? Is there some way to turn employees into mind-readers? Not exactly.

A growing number of employers are increasing productivity and engagement by objectively assessing employee behavioral differences. With individual answers to a few dozen multiple-choice questions, these assessments can produce customized reports that help employees better understand themselves and how they interact with others, ultimately improving collaborative efforts and increasing production.

While there are several assessment tools available, we encourage the use of the DiSC® profile assessment.  It’s a non-judgmental tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral differences. If you participate in one of EANE’s DiSC® programs, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire that produces your detailed report about your behavior style. But the report is just the beginning! The training that we offer is where you’ll learn how to improve working relationships and productivity, using the information gathered from your personalized assessment report.

Many of our members are familiar with our popular leadership training series that utilize the DiSC® assessment, Principles of Leadership and Leadership Skills for Lead People. Both of these training series are valuable for rising and experienced leaders who want to learn how their tendencies influence their effectiveness in leadership situations. But we offer several DiSC® assessment training opportunities that are valuable to individual contributors and leaders alike, including: 

With insight from the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict assessment, you’ll increase your understanding of conflict behaviors. This half-day training provides tools to curb destructive behaviors and effectively respond to the unavoidable challenges of conflict so that opposing viewpoints can become productive. You’ll see how productive conflict can improve workplace results and relationships.

Customize your sales and service up-selling techniques to get the best response from your customers by discovering your DiSC® Sales style and how to adapt it as needed. Learn tips, strategies, and action plans to help you close more business. In addition to a customized assessment report, you’ll receive a personalized planning tool to prepare for sales calls.

Be more effective in your professional role by understanding how you work with and how you’re perceived by others. Learn about your intuitive communication style, debunk some misconceptions about others’ styles, and develop a personal action plan to adapt more effectively. 

These assessments and trainings won’t actually turn your employees and managers into mind-readers, but they will increase their self-awareness and improve collaboration. Culture shifts are often initiated by employees and managers who adapt their behaviors and communication styles to effectively engage all available resources. The result becomes a larger pool of engaged workers that have increased their overall productivity and pride in the organization they work for!