EANE Team Member Spotlight: Susan Breen

In An Effort To Keep The HUMAN In Human Resources, We Want To Help You Get To Know The EANE Team

This is the first edition of EANE’s new communication effort to help our members and community get to know the EANE team.

We asked Susan some REALLY CRITICAL questions to get to know her better. Read on so that you can get to know this fantastic EANE team member!

How long have you worked for EANE?

I’ve worked for EANE for A year and a half, but I was a member first! When I was the Director of Operations for RI Society of CPAs we counted on EANE as a valuable resource.

What is the best concert that you’ve ever been to?

Hands down, Fleetwood Mac and or Stevie Nicks, I’ve been to almost every one that has come to the New England area!

What question are you asked most frequently by EANE members?

Currently, it is around recruiting and retaining employees, everyone is having this issue, and on the flip side, how do I get rid of a bad employee without retaliation. (PROTIP: Invest in training your top talent. More and more studies have shown that employees are less likely to abandon ship if their employer is helping them build their skills.)

Pick One: Celtics, Bruins, or Patriots.

Right now Bruins, but I am a fanatic Patriots and football fan!

Which upcoming EANE program are you MOST excited about?

Compensation and Benefits Conference, because I always enjoy our choice of Keynote speakers, they are always top notch!

Name your favorite local restaurant.

“Local” in RI means the whole state…. Mine would be Matunuck Oyster Bar or Siena