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Breakout Sessions

Belonging: Building the Bridge to Successful Workplace Culture
Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace is crucial for fostering a positive and productive environment. It not only boosts employee morale but also contributes to increased retention rates and overall organizational success. Belonging goes beyond diversity, equity and inclusion. In this session, we will discuss the benefits and the barriers to belonging in the workplace and leadership’s role in creating an environment of trust, fulfillment and loyalty, where every employee feels valued and included.
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Building a Culture of Trust
Having a culture of trust fosters employee engagement, innovation, creativity and overall employee development and growth. To develop a culture of trust, managers/leaders at every level must focus on setting and communicating performance expectations, provide positive and constructive feedback and have a good awareness of their own trust-building attributes (being approachable, accountable, open, honest etc). This workshop will explore the components to build trust and identify ways to put them into practice in your organization.
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Leading with Presence
As the workplace has evolved over the past few years, so has the meaning of Leadership Presence and its impact on our organizations’ cultures. Today leaders need more than gravitas, confidence, and organizational savviness to exude leadership presence. Come explore how leadership presence has evolved over the last 5 years and learn strategies to elevate your own personal leadership presence. You will gain tools to elevate your own leadership presence to build a positive, productive culture, and help develop your teams as well.

Stop Managing. Start Coaching! Secrets of a Rockstar Leader
By exploring the shift from traditional management approaches to a coaching mindset, this session empowers leaders and managers to transform their role from being mere managers to Rock Star Leaders. During the session, participants will discover the fundamental differences between management and coaching, and the benefits of adopting a coaching approach in the workplace. They will learn practical techniques and strategies to enhance their coaching skills, including active listening, asking powerful questions, providing constructive feedback, and fostering growth and development in their team members.
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Top Legal Landmines Leaders Need to Avoid
Managers are the front-line to ensure that employees appropriately follow rules, regulations and the laws. This means that managers need to have an awareness of essential employment law concepts. In this session, we will discuss what managers need to know and what things they need to avoid in order to stay compliant and be
successful leaders.