When Medicare meets the Group Health Plan

This fast-paced and engaging presentation examines the highly consequential healthcare issues facing employees aged 65 and older when their Medicare-eligibility intersects with Group Health Plan coverage.
The content is specifically designed for HR professionals who want to better understand this unique
healthcare landscape and the specific high-priority challenges these older employees must navigate.

Who Should Attend

HR Professionals, Benefits Managers, CFOs

Learning Objectives

  • Gain information about the unique healthcare coverage issues that arise for employees
    who become Medicare-eligible at age 65.
  • Understand specific key issues age 65+ employees must consider as they transition
    from a Group Health Plan to Medicare.
  • Develop insights needed to help age 65+ employees navigate the complex eligibility
    and enrollment rules involved with transitioning from a Group Health Plan to Medicare,
    thus becoming a more effective ‘frontline’ resource.

Registration Fee


FUTURE MEMBERS | $25 Per person