EANE’s HR Leadership Certificate Series is a unique combination of monthly facilitator-led sessions in a small group, interactive environment. The expert-led classes illuminate seven core competencies every HR Professional should master to better serve employers with a centralized, measurable growing experience. Give your HR leaders the support they need to succeed.

In this series, you’ll learn mastery-level understanding of the 7 core competencies that HR Professionals bring to leadership-level discussions. Competencies include:

  • Leadership
  • Critical and Strategic Thinking
  • Business Acumen
  • Talent Translation and Curation
  • Change Leadership

The C-suite in growing organizations counts on their leading HR Professionals to be well-versed in the above-listed areas!


Attendees will be provided an Executive Coach to support the actualization of participant goals established at the program’s start. Because this series streamlines the learning process into a unified experience, our stellar team of experienced instructors, coaches and partners better learn participant needs for measurable results. This personalized approach ensures effective, high-quality professional development at a lower cost than disparate learning opportunities.

Session Meeting Information

All sessions will meet in person in EANE’s Agawam Training Location between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. Lunch will be served.

Thurs., Jan 26, 2023

Kick-off session

Thurs., Feb 23, 2023


Better developed and prepared HR professionals are equipped
with applicable, real-world leadership skills. This session excels
future leaders by strengthening conflict navigation, coaching
efficacy and other foundational lifelong skills.

Thurs., Mar 30, 2023

Critical & Strategic Thinking

Successful professionals require a deep understanding of cause
and effect within the multifaceted business setting. This session
nurtures the participant’s ability to thoroughly analyze options
from multiple perspectives to better negotiate, plan and direct
with confidence.

Thurs., Apr 27, 2023

Business Acumen

To best drive business results, HR professionals must develop
core competencies of team functions and roles, including operations, marketing and sales. Thorough understanding of supply chain and customer demand is critical for managing the strategy and process of growing a business.

Thurs., May 25, 2023

Talent Translation & Curation

Succession planning is imperative to effective leadership.
This session strengthens the knowledge of various employee
skills, their identification, and their development. Ensure the
successful evolution of your organization’s future by supporting
the actualization of employee potential.

Thurs., Jun 29, 2023

Change Leadership

Healthy work cultures develop communication and trust among
colleagues across all departments so that changes are experienced together rather than prescribed. This session examines various change models and equips participants with techniques to understand and curb resistance to change.

Thurs., Jul 27, 2023


Who Should Attend

Individuals with HR responsibilities who have demonstrated the capacity to assume more leadership responsibilities

Learning Objectives

Achieve mastery of the following competencies in order to gain organizational leadership level HR responsibilities as a well-versed partner to the C-suite

  • Leadership
  • Critical and Strategic Thinking
  • Business Acuman
  • Talent Translation and Curation
  • Change

Registration Fee

$4,750 Per person for the series

Only those who are accepted into the program will be billed for the $4,750 registration fee for this series.