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Professionals who struggle with impostor syndrome not only suffer personally, but they also undermine the overall success of their organizations. While often overlooked as a business concern, unaddressed impostor syndrome leads to:

  • Untapped potential among those who fear sharing their ideas, taking risks and challenging the status quo
  • Reduced creativity and innovation due to pressure to conform and avoid criticism
  • Micromanagement by perfectionistic leaders who doubt themselves and impose perfectionistic standards on their teams
  • Increased business risk due to the unwillingness of individuals to speak up, challenge ineffective business approaches and maintain accountability

This program is designed to empower emerging and established leaders to understand their own and their teams’ experiences with impostor syndrome while adopting proven, actionable strategies to build confidence and manage self-doubt.

Who Should Attend

This program is open to all. Those most likely to struggle with impostor syndrome include:

  • Members of under-represented groups (i.e. women, people of color, LGBTQ, etc.)
  • First-time managers
  • Non-native English speakers/immigrants
  • Professionals with non-linear/non-traditional career paths

Registration Fee

EANE MEMBERS | $720 Per person for the series

FUTURE MEMBERS | $900 Per person for the series