Everyone doesn’t come with a “like” button. Professional harmony in the workplace is rarely as simple as it is online, where removing a connection or unfriending a colleague can be done quietly.  When conflict occurs in the physical world, it can create serious communication issues and morale problems, affecting productivity and professionalism. 

Effective managers know how to resolve workplace conflicts in ways that reduce tension and let all of the parties involved move forward positively. Participants learn how to recognize potential conflict, and how to manage the resolution of workplace conflicts, professionally and productively.

Who Should Attend

New and experienced supervisors

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize common sources of conflict
  • Understand and explain predominant styles of dealing with conflict
  • Identify and use 5 strategies for handling conflicts
  • Determine the most effective strategy for each unique conflict situation in the workplace
  • Prepare for resolving a conflict in a one-on-one using a 5 Step Process

This virtual classroom learning opportunity is brought to you in conjunction with the MidAtlantic Employers Association (MEA).