If you could build a fantasy work team, who would you draft?

It’s easy to build an ideal team when you’re working in a virtual game environment. But when you’re working in a brick and mortar reality, how do you build a winning, cohesive team?

“Team Development” is an interactive seminar that will help you learn strategies for creating a successful, unified team, whether you’re managing the daily activities of employees or putting together a special team for a unique project. You’ll learn the stages of team building, role-play activities for building cohesiveness and learn how to move your team from ground rules and objectives to outstanding performance.

Who Should Attend

Employees identified for advancement and Team leads


  • Understand team stages and the strategies a leader can take to move a team to the performance stage
  • Understand the importance of establishing clarity around purpose, objectives, action plans and ground rules in team beginnings
  • Identify the positive and negative roles of team members and how to work with both effectively for team success
  • Use a variety of team building activities to build a team’s cohesiveness and foster team spirit

This virtual classroom learning opportunity is brought to you in conjunction with the MidAtlantic Employers Association (MEA).