As professionals navigate the deep disruption and challenges being experienced it is critical to advance an organization’s commitment and initiatives of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. This 3-part virtual series will explore learnings, develop new mindsets and openings for change through meaningful and courageous conversations to build a more diverse workforce and equity future. Participants will take away actionable steps that are true for them and their organization to create a more inclusive workplace.

Series Schedule Of Topics

Session 1 | Begin With DEI In Your Workplace

Like many HR professionals, you may find yourself struggling with how to promote the need for a company-focus on diversity, equity and inclusion – and, what that will mean for your role. Through this session, we share the business case, data and results diversity and inclusion have within a workplace and how to pitch it within your organization, as well as come up with actionable steps for you to begin your journey.

Session 2 | How To Manage Effective & Inclusive Conversations In The Workplace

As HR professionals, the need to communicate is essential to the relationships we manage each day. However, like many, we may struggle with communication because we are applying an inward-facing lens of communication preferences. Through this session, we go through practices toward better understanding others, their communication preferences, and how to ensure that it remains inclusive to consistently drive forward belonging.

Session 3 | Future-Proofing Your Workplace Through Inclusion

In our workplaces, we may struggle with the questions :

“Is trust given? Or is trust earned? And WHY?”.

Through this session, we go through mindset practices that help us move forward in this new reality and how to build an environment of trust through inclusion. Together, we ask challenging questions and move towards future-proofing our constantly changing workplaces.

Registration for this series includes a link for a single participant from your organization to attend all three of this series 90-minute virtual sessions. Organizations who register for this series may send a different representative from their team to each of the 3 sessions in the series, or use their registration to send the same participant to all 3 sessions.

Meet The Series Designer & Facilitator

Director of Client Engagement & Inclusion and a rising to Partner at Advance Workplace Excellence (AWE), Kevin Matta brings an extensive understanding and focused attention to the human lenses of diversity, inclusion, equality and belonging. Working closely with clients, Kevin listens deeply, with empathy, to fully understand their challenges. Applying his insights and experience, Kevin works in partnership to help shape the journey to raise awareness, expand connectedness, and strengthen inclusive leadership practices. He also brings a sharp focus on client success and human engagement with his brilliant ability to make connections.

Who Should Attend

HR Professionals and managers

Registration Fee

$150 for future members | $120 for present EANE members

Registration opens to present EANE members on Mon., May 3.

Registration opens to future members on Fri., May 14.

(Registration is transferable within the organization of the registered participant.)