Those who have experienced foot-in-mouth syndrome know it! Speaking when you shouldn’t, saying what should be left unsaid, or framing things in a way that is inappropriate are barriers for career success.

Yet, communicating with tact is truly an art, science and discipline. Knowing when and when not to say something is only a starting point. The choice of words, timing, tone and volume are all critical factors as well. To be effective when communicating takes great self-awareness, training, and the know-how to apply skills and techniques in work and life situations.

Who Should Attend

Business professionals, associates, team leaders, anyone who wants to communicate more directly, tactfully and effectively.

Learning Objectives

  • Look at word choice, nonverbal cues and more
  • Self-assess individual approach: What’s working? What’s not?
  • Learn how to navigate work situations, build a high-quality personal brand, increase credibility, and improve the chance for greater career success

This virtual classroom learning opportunity is brought to you in conjunction with the MidAtlantic Employers Association (MEA).