This training has not been scheduled for its next public presentation. Please contact our Learning & Development team to inquire about possible dates and locations that are being evaluated at this time.

Does your organization demonstrate awareness and acceptance of the vast life experiences and cultures represented by your own employees? Are you leveraging those differences to improve the employee experience and your customer experience? In this class you’ll explore what personal and company benefits lye beyond equal treatment when we invest in appreciation of the vast experiences and viewpoints that each employee brings to the workplace. Through an inclusive lens you’ll gain interpersonal perspective, improve your decision making process, widen your cultural opportunities and see how your business can grow from harnessing an appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

Who Should Attend

Anyone from the owners to team members and contributor level employees

Learning Objectives

  • Become a more inclusive team, department and organization
  • Increase overall diversity awareness
  • Leverage the positive aspects of diversity to reduce conflict and increase productivity
  • Raise understanding and levels of empathy