This program will guide you and your organization on how to remain positive, productive and effective in the face of constant change. In this thought-provoking and highly interactive program, you will learn tools for managing change of all kinds.

Learn about the Circles of Collaboration which affords a new perspective to begin deeper collaboration with others, and harness the energy we often waste in conflict.

This program is for you if you are facing changes like:

  • Businesses merge through acquisition, sales, changes in management
  • Processes or procedures evolve with technology and trends
  • Shifting demographics in the workforce, multiple generations working together
  • Older generations exiting the workforce, younger generations entering
  • Roles change or expand with increased workloads and responsibilities
  • Change in the political climate, social atmosphere, family dynamics, and more

*While this program does build upon the principles of the Totally
Responsible Person® (TRP) training, participants are not required to
take TRP in advance of this program.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, managers, team leads, or project managers

Learning Objectives

  • Increase problem-solving skills and effectiveness; view problems as opportunities to generate fresh solutions
  • Manage stress and focus on results; prevent and avoid energy-sapping tension without giving in to being overwhelmed or stressed
  • Develop a future-focused perspective that allows you to manage change effectively. . . With the Building Analogy, our methods for managing change and challenges are reviewed for their effectiveness or lack thereof

HRCI & SHRM® Credits: 6.5