If all the world’s a stage, it’s time to learn how to leave your fear in the wings and take your place in the spotlight.

Successful public speakers enjoy being in front of a crowd because they understand what their audience is interested in and they know how to engage their listeners.  But they weren’t born knowing how to do so.

Public speaking is a skill that can be acquired.  And “Public Speaking: Powerful Presentation Skills” takes you through the steps necessary to acquire that skill, from building a successful presentation to learning how to manage anxiety and demonstrate self-confidence.

Who Should Attend

Any employee who has to deliver presentations as part of their role

Learning Objectives

  • Present information showing organization and understanding of the topic
  • Identify needs of the audience and how best to engage them
  • Demonstrate self-confidence when speaking to groups
  • Use delivery skills to enhance the presentation
  • Use visuals to support the presentation
  • Answer questions from the audience effectively
  • Learn physical skills and body language to give effective presentations
  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of these skills through delivering mini-presentations which are recorded for review and feedback
  • Gain confidence in presenting

This virtual classroom learning opportunity is brought to you in conjunction with the MidAtlantic Employers Association (MEA).