Members Doing Great Things

“Act as if what you do makes a difference, because it does.”

-William James

The team at EANE is often amazed by the things that our members make or the services that they provide to their customers on a typical day. As we all know, these days are anything but typical. We are dealing with an invisible enemy that has turned our economy upside down and has threatened so much of what we value the most – family & friend gatherings, school and work commitments and the health and wellness we cherish.

However, in these dark times, there are shining beacons of hope and grace that amaze us and remind us that kindness, ingenuity and good will help us persevere and thrive. We are so proud to recognize the following EANE member organizations that have stepped up boldly to reinvent themselves or taken action to support first responders and individuals in their communities.

  • BayPath University  |  Providing lodging for first responders
  • Berkshire Sterile | Producing anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Berry Plastics  |  Producing face shields (including infant shields)
  • Boyd Tech  |  Producing PPE’s
  • Bradford Soap  |  Donated soaps
  • Brickle Group   |  Producing masks
  • Cartamundi  |  Producing face shields
  • Eastman Chemical  |  Producing PPE’s
  • FLEXcon  |  Producing face shields
  • Freedom Credit Union  |  Supporting community organizations on the frontlines
  • Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center | Operating an Exempt Emergency Child Care Program (EECCP) for children of front-line workers
  • Hazen Paper  |  Producing hand sanitizer
  • Iredale Cosmetics  |  Producing hand sanitizer
  • KeystoneBox  |  Producing cardboard face shields and test kit boxes
  • Paragus IT  |  Offering free video conferencing services
  • PeoplesBank  |  Providing meals for first responders
  • PeterPan  |  Delivering meals to first responders
  • The Lee Company  |  Producing ventilators
  • Tiger Press  |  Producing PPE’s
  • TommyCar Auto  | Providing meals for first responders
  • UMass Five Credit Union | Providing meals for first responders
  • Universal Plastics | Producing intubation boxes

We’ve captured the many amazing stories we have seen on the news, your social media pages and word of mouth but we may have missed your story! If we did, please let us know and we will add you to our growing list of member heroes! Email Allison at

From all of us at EANE to all of you, THANK YOU!