Ongoing Leadership Development For Success In 2021

Article contributed by Valerie Boudreau

Many of us are looking forward to putting 2020 into the rearview for the obvious reasons.  But if we go reflect on the last 12 months, we will find there were moments of success and times of creativity, innovation and growth that we can use as a launching pad for development.

Looking ahead to 2021 the trends are what we expect to see, things like increased expectations to deliver results faster and significant shifts in knowledge for both employees and leaders.  While the 2020 experience has brought over a significant need to increase agility and flexibility not only in the workplace but in all aspects of our lives.

Our professional focus for 2021 needs to be on continuing to deliver faster and keeping our minds open to new opportunities to learn and grow.  As leaders, this is not only for us, but for those we are responsible for in the workplace.  Our goal should be to continue to build resilience for ourselves and our employees. We can do this by honing our leadership skills and abilities, keeping our focus toward our main objectives, checking the broader goal to see what needs to be modified or changed, and continually building and fostering trust with our employees.

EANE’s WOW Leadership webinar series are quick hits that can give us additional thoughts, ideas, innovations and validations.  These 45-minute webinars provide practical and helpful bites that can enable us to shift our thinking as needed or even help to germinate ideas we’ve had and put them into practice.

The topics will help you get the boost, spark or seed that you need to keep 2021 focused on the key outcomes and results you seek.

Keep in mind, that leadership isn’t just a title or a role. Our organizations grow as we foster the innate leadership skills that our talented individual contributors bring to the team every day! 2021 is the time that organizations should be investing in nourishing those “non-titled” leaders in your workforce too!  Start the year by not only strengthening the managers and supervisors on staff, but those who have demonstrated the potential for future leadership roles as you grow. These 45-minute sessions could be just the inspiration that those future managers will need to know that you’ve recognized their contributions and there’s a path for their growth.