Member Benefits

As a member of EANE, your business or organization leverages a powerful network of HR professionals for solutions to your greatest challenges including our confidential HOTLINE; regional and national survey data and benchmarking; alerts on local, state and national legislation and regulatory matters that impact your workplace; and unlimited access to our comprehensive, user-friendly and customizable collection of tools, templates, forms and policies.

We offer peer-to-peer opportunities for members to share ideas and discuss significant topics of the time plus deep discounts and volume-savings on the cost of our robust training and consulting offerings. In 2015, EANE and HRCI partnered to offer additional benefits for members' career development and ongoing education when obtaining or renewing their HRCI certifications.

New for 2016 is our energy-savings partnership with Constellation. EANE members can manage energy costs in new and powerful ways to achieve budget certainty, cost savings, and financial protection with Constellation's full range of integrated energy solutions Learn more here or contact Allison Ebner.

For more information on becoming an EANE member, contact our membership team at 877-662-6444.

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2017 Annual Schedule of Dues:

# of Employees

Annual Dues

# of Employees

Annual Dues

1-50 $776.00 201-300 $1,842.00
51-75 $1,055.00 301-400 $2,065.00
76-100 $1,192.00 401-500 $2,272.00
101-150 $1,458.00 501-750 $2,491.00
151-200 $1,623.00 751 - 1,000 $2,841.00

1,001 & Over $3,153.00

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