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CT law now requires companies with a staff of three or more to have ALL EMPLOYEES complete harassment prevention training within six months of their hire date.

EANE’s Harassment Prevention Training EXCEEDS the new CT Harassment Prevention Training Requirements


The Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE) is the premier HR resource partner for organizations throughout New England; Comprised of Human Resource and business experts who deliver a full range of cutting edge resources and services that guide you to support, train and retain your workforce and ultimately help your organization succeed.

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New Federal W-4 Forms | Implications for Employers and Payroll Systems
Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) suspended all personal and dependent exemptions, the proposed Form W-4 no longer features a line for entering a number of allowances. Previously, this figure was based on calculations from the Personal Allowance Worksheet.  The first page is now much more extensive and detailed, with new sections …
Pay Compression | The Big Squeeze!
We receive calls all the time with companies expressing concern about the pay compression they’re experiencing within their organizations.  What is pay compression?  In a nutshell, pay compression is when you find you are paying new hires at, close to or heaven forbid HIGHER than your existing employees.  Often our leadership team simply “wants the …