Have you been using one of our newest benefits?  It’s one that you can use on your own timetable.

By Darlene Morse, EANE Senior Membership Specialist

I’ve heard that some of you like to read through discussion posts to see how others are handling situations and learn so much that way. Others say they enjoy posting a question and having many answers and options within minutes or days!

Many of our over 1000 members from across MA, CT, RI, and other New England States have been popping into HRConnected to see what YOU have to say!  Your EANE Online Community is available whenever you need it – 24/7! Put this member benefit to use and let the knowledge and advice of other members fuel your success! 

One of the hottest topics lately was an inquiry about how much vacation time is being offered to remain competitive and members shared their current structures as well as what they are thinking about adjusting. Many shared what didn’t work in the past as well as practices and pros and cons of accrual vs front loading options.

Other topics of discussion have included tuition reimbursement policies, forklift training, visitor log apps, and as businesses continue efforts to find good workers, policies regarding family members working together are being re-thought.

Another hot topic? Many jumped in to add what percentage of health care premium companies are covering vs passing along to employees. I heard from more than a few members that this was very helpful to know. 

This is NOT a substitute for our HR Hotline! We do encourage you to get compliance information direct from us and your specific situation needs addressed by calling and asking for our Hotline M-F 8am to 5pm.

The HRConnected community is your space to share Best Practices, pick up useful tips, and connect with other EANE Members in a safe space. Try it out if you haven’t already and become an HRConnector when you reply or post 5 different times!  When you have 5 mins between meetings to learn more about something, if your boss asks for you to gather information on a topic or course of action or if you want a quick change of pace from how your day is going, you can click on the HRConnected button and know you have other EANE members there to help support you! Isn’t it a nice feeling to know we are all here for you and rooting for you to Succeed?

To access our HRConnected Community, log into your member portal at www.EANE.org then click on the HRConnected tile in the lower right corner. Need help logging in? Just give us a call or email me and we’ll walk you through the process. [email protected]