The Disengaged Leader

What do you do when the boss stops leading Leaders become disengaged just like anyone else, only the impact has a reach far greater than that of their own seat. Disengagement on the leadership level results in a ripple effect across a team and across an organization. Lack of direction and guidance will leave even …

HR Certification Testing in the Time of Lockdowns

Just because many of us are staying home, it doesn’t mean that we cannot move forward with our careers.   Even though many of the PearsonVue (HRCI) and Prometric (SHRM) testing sites are on reduced hours or completely closed, it is still possible to take your HR Certification exam.  Through the wonders of technology, you don’t …

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Has Your Leadership Evolved from Enforcement to Encouragement?

In todays’ world we can no longer ‘boss’ people around; HR professionals should be empathetic, respectful, polite, and professional at all times. That being said, someone still needs to be the boss and keep the ship sailing in the proper direction. The problem lies in what is known as the ‘Poof promotion program’. Someone gets promoted or leaves, and a company needs a manager so they look around at the employees in the department. The best worker, or the one who is consistent and comes to work all the time is the one promoted with a parting volley of “Good luck, call me if you have any questions!”