What is EANE Peer/Payscale?

EANE Peer/Payscale is an online compensation data collection platform that EANE is partnering with to provide even more reliable and valid compensation data to our members. The EANE Peer Platform that our members have access to allows for compensation benchmarking on over 5,000 jobs with both regional and national data. Because this platform is a more robust resource it will replace our annual Southern New England Compensation Survey.

How do I get access to EANE Peer?

Organizations will have to submit data and purchase access in order to get access to the EANE Peer platform.

Does this replace partnering with the EANE Compensation Consulting Team?

No.  EANE Peer is replacing our Southern New England Compensation Survey and is just a single source of compensation data.  For compensation or market pricing engagements, EANE’s compensation team puts together a comprehensive report utilizing multiple data sources. Depending upon the project, EANE’s team will use Peer as one source. When making important decisions that will impact your business, it’s important that you utilize multiple sources of data.  EANE Peer is a great resource for data, but it’s only one data point and not sufficient for a full market analysis.  We recommend utilizing at least three different market sources to ensure that you are accurately capturing the market for your role.  Further, our team helps you develop your full compensation program including your philosophy, structure and ensuring pay equity.  

How does EANE Peer relate to EANE’s Southern New England Compensation Survey?

EANE Peer is replacing EANE’s traditional Southern New England Compensation Survey. All past participants or purchasers of the Southern New England Compensation Survey are encouraged to participate in EANE Peer to boost the regional data set available in EANE Peer and to get access to thousands of job matches for compensation benchmarking.

Will I lose access to the Southern New England Compensation Survey?

If you participated in the 2023 Southern New England Survey and maintain your EANE membership, you will still have access to the 2023 report through May of 2024. Participation in the survey moving forward will take place through EANE Peer only. At this point, EANE will continue to provide participants with an Excel report containing the survey data.

When will EANE Peer become available to EANE members?

The EANE Peer platform is available to EANE members NOW! The window for inclusion in the Southern New England Compensation Survey report will close on May 17, 2024 to allow time to develop the report. Email announcements will be sent and we will have frequent webinars during this time, so keep an eye out for further information. For those who have purchased access to EANE Peer, the platform  is available year-round for reporting and data input.

My organization participated in the 2023 Southern New England Compensation Survey. Are we considered a participant in EANE Peer?

If you simply participated in the 2023 Southern New England Compensation Survey, you are registered for the 2024 survey, however you are not a participant in EANE Peer. Participants have year-round access to the Peer platform. If you purchased access to EANE Peer then you are considered a participant. Still unsure? Call or email Meg Coursey ([email protected])

Is EANE Peer free?

Submitting your data for EANE Peer has no fee. Gaining access to the EANE Peer platform with all of the data after participation does have a cost. The Annual subscription fee for EANE members is $350 This pricing is exclusive to EANE members. Normally, Payscale Peer retails for close to $6,500 per organization per year.

What is replacing the Southern New England Compensation Survey as the free member benefit for compensation surveys?

For 2024, EANE will distribute an Excel spreadsheet with the results of the 2024 Regional Pay Survey. To receive the results without a charge, EANE members must contribute their data. Another benefit is that EANE members will have access to exclusive Payscale Peer platform pricing not available to others.

How “real-time” is EANE Peer’s data?

EANE Peer’s data is refreshed daily with eligible data available to enter the common data pool. Payscale holds data entered for 90 days from the effective date before adding it to the larger database to meet DOJ’s antitrust guidelines. So you may not see compensation data entered on a particular day but you will see the freshest data that is in line with antitrust guidelines. You will always see your organization’s current data through your portal.

Can you compare your data to direct competitors?

Yes! One of the reporting options in EANE Peer allows you to select other organizations by name that you want to use to create your market average. This is a great option to make sure you are looking at averages and being competitive with data from your business rivals. Please note: You’ll need to choose a minimum of five (5) competitors.

How can I protect my data if you can select specific organizations’ names for data comparison?

EANE Peer’s report is in line with DOJ antitrust guidelines. When choosing competitor names to create your average, you will have to select a minimum of 5 organizations in order for the report to be run. If you try to run the report multiple times in order to back into a specific organization’s compensation data, your account will be flagged and reporting halted. There is also a dominance diffusion threshold, that if an organization’s data makes up too large of a percentage of the average, the report will require you to add more organizations to reduce that impact.

With these protections in place, no other participant in EANE Peer will be able to see or access your specific data.

What do I do if I forgot my login to EANE Peer?

Contact [email protected] if you forgot your login for the EANE Peer (Payscale) site.

My username/password for EANE Peer is no longer working. What is wrong?

Contact [email protected] if your EANE Peer (Payscale) login is no longer working. You may want to check to see if your membership status with EANE has lapsed or if your data submitted to EANE Peer hasn’t been updated in over a year. Our team will be able to help identify what is needed to reinstate your access.

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