The EANE Member Forum is designed to let you collaborate on HR & operational issues, workplace & organizational topics, best practices and more. While the Member Forum will never be able to replace the live EANE roundtable discussion groups, the Member Forum can add valuable perspective and expand the knowledge base EANE members pull from when exploring options to solve pressing challenges.

The Member Forum is a unique member benefit that lets you engage and connect with hundreds of local HR and business professionals from the comfort of your PC.

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Sample Forum Questions Seen on Sister-Organization Sites

Does anyone use a company-wide calendar system or app that they could recommend?
I’m in the market for a simple performance appraisal system that allows manager and employee feedback. What kind of system are you using and what do you like and wish were different?
I’ve just assumed HR responsibilities in our small (but growing) company. Are there associations I should be joining or blogs I should be following to stay informed about industry updates?
We are building an Emergency Action Plan from the ground up. What would be the most important topics to list?
Does your company have business resource groups? Can you share tips for a company that is just kicking off this concept? Best practices and what to avoid?

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