A Guide for Managing State and Federal Leaves

Managing multi state operations can be challenging. With expansion into new states and hiring remote employees who work in new states comes more laws and regulations for employers to comply with. Some of the most important laws to consider are the relevant state leave laws that provide employees with protected and paid time off.

Managing state and federal leaves can be challenging. The leaves employers must comply with vary by the size of employer, length of service or earned wages of the employee, and the type of event. There are even varying definitions by leave law of who is considered a family member. Not only do employers need to understand each leave law individually, but they must also understand how and when the multiple leaves run together.

If only there was some sort of guide or toolkit to help explain it all…..

Well.. great news! EANE is excited to be rolling out its LOA Toolkit for its members. This guide will provide a variety of information and visuals to help break down and explain the varying leave laws and how employers should navigate the leaves process. This guide also summarizes key components of each leave into charts to make finding the information you need even easier. This is a great tool for companies without an HR professional, a new HR professional learning leaves, and experienced HR professionals looking to verify their knowledge of the latest leave laws.

Click here to download the toolkit.