Updated on August 14, 2019

The EANE team wants our web-visitors and members to take advantage of all the great features that we’ve added to this new site. That’s why we’ve created this collection of brief webinar videos for you to see how the new features work.

Tip #1 | Use the Search Feature

The search feature on this site is far more intuitive and inclusive than the search tool that was on our former site. If you know what you’re after, type it in and you should quickly find what you need.

Tip #2 | Log In

When members log in to the site they gain access to members-only content, their registration record is maintained and more. Click here to watch a brief tutorial video about logging in.

Tip #2.5 | Change Password

Users who wish to update a password for their login to this site can click here to access the My Account page. From that page scroll down and select “Website settings” to follow the prompts to update your personal site password.

Tip #3 | Register for Trainings and Events Online

Registering is easier than ever. Click here for a brief webinar video about finding and registering for our trainings.

Tip #4 | Leverage the Benefits of Membership

This new site is user-friendly for all visitors, but EANE members have access to tools and archives that are for members only. Click here to watch a brief webinar video that introduces you to the tools on the “MyEANE” dashboard.

Contact us if there are features that YOU want to learn more about, and plan to join us on Thursday, August 15th for our live webinar with a guided tour of all of the new features.