• Advancing Women Leaders Series
    September 17 @ 9:00 am

Have you ever identified a woman on your team who you think has the capabilities to advance only to have them turn down a promotion or an opportunity?  You’re not alone!  Hewlett Packard studied the application history of men and women in the organization.  The study found that men applied for positions when they met only 60% of the qualifications but women applied only when they met 100% of the qualifications.  Their conclusion was that what held women back was not their actual ability but rather the decision not to try. 

The Advancing Women Leaders Series is designed to empower women professionals with the strategies needed to confidently advance their careers. Each of the 12 sessions will be highly interactive and incorporate self-assessment exercises, strategic and guided learning and small group discussions. The goal is for each participant to develop strategies to overcome challenges faced in the workplace and define a path for career advancement. All sessions are 1-hour in length and will be conducted virtually.

Session Topics Include:

  • Connection Creation
  • Priority Focus Areas and Preparing For The Deeper Dive
  • Finding Confidence as a Woman in a Male-Dominated Culture
  • Career Goal Clarification
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Strengthening Communication Skills
  • Building Influence
  • Raising Visibility
  • Strategic Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Action Planning
  • Celebrating Success

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Who Should Attend

Emerging professional women looking to advance their careers, women seeking to find their voice and power within their organization, women that want to learn how to cultivate better professional relationships and advance to higher levels of leadership in their careers

Learning Objectives

  • Identify characteristics of an effective leader
  • Define personal challenges and strengths
  • Identify steps to take to go from expert to leader
  • Define Imposter Syndrome
  • Identify strategies for overcoming self-imposed barriers
  • Develop skills to adapt communication style to different audiences
  • Develop an action plan

Meet The Series Designer & Facilitator

Kim Meninger has shared the 90-second video below to tell you in her own words about this series.

Registration Fee for Members is $995

Registration Fee for Future Members is $1245