Be Careful of Unemployment Insurance Scams

Our partners, Unemployment Tax Control Assoc. (UTCA) notified us that the Office of Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Labor released an Alert this morning regarding scams related to unemployment claimants.  You can access the alert here. DOL-OIG Unemployment Insurance Fraud Alert  We suggest you make your employees aware of this, and if you have a mechanism for notifying laid off or furloughed employees that you pass the information along to them as well. 


Be aware that your personal information may be used fraudulently without your permission.  Fraudsters are perpetrating numerous schemes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In one scheme, scammers have offered to help individuals file claims for unemployment benefits. The scammers then ask for personal information including social security numbers and dates of birth. The scammers may ask you to provide payment, or your credit card information, in assisting you in filing or qualifying for your unemployment benefits. You do not need to pay anyone to file or qualify for your benefits.

Victims of these scams face potential harm. The personal information the scammers collect may be used to commit identity theft to file fraudulent unemployment insurance claims.

Unsolicited calls, social media platforms, and door-to-door visits are several ways that individuals have been targeted.

If you would like to report an allegation of fraud involving unemployment insurance or other U.S. Department of Labor activities or programs, please contact the OIG Hotline at or 202.693.6999 or 1.800.347.3756.