Coming Soon! New Member Resource!

We are always looking for ways to Maximize Your Membership here at EANE!

On April 1st, we’ll be debuting a brand-new member portal resource called Zywave. This will replace the CCH product that currently sits in our member portal dashboard. Zywave offers many of the same features that CCH does, including the state law compare tool and sample forms & policies. But Zywave takes it to a new level with some valuable offerings in their HR and Compliance App dashboards, including:

  • Sample Job Description Builder AND a Custom Job Description Builder
  • Employee Cost Calculator
  • Interview Question Builders (In person and virtual)
  • Performance Review Builder
  • Total Compensation Statement Builder
  • Compliance Poster Builder tool (Federal and State)

In addition, you’ll have access to a variety of content – not just documents! You’ll find articles, guides, toolkits and weblinks on a wide range of HR related topics, giving you instant access to the information you need.

So, what should you do now? If you have used the CCH platform to save Job Descriptions or Performance Review materials, you will need to download them before April 1st! You’ll have access to the CCH portal until March 31st but as of April 1st, you will no longer have access to the CCH portal to retrieve these documents. If you have any questions or need assistance downloading your files, please reach out to me at [email protected] or at 877.662.6444.

More info coming soon, including a demo of the new Zywave portal!