Critical Knowledge that Every HR Employee Needs

Do you have someone on your team who is new to Human Resources?  Maybe you wear multiple hats, or cover a variety of duties in the office and got “stuck” performing HR responsibilities. EANE wants to help make sense of all this “HR stuff!” Besides leveraging the support of our HR Hotline, we have training programs that are designed to make sense of the legal nuances of HR. Help your organization avoid costly (and time-consuming) errors by ensuring that the people on your HR team gain this critical knowledge. 

Two Training Options to Gain Not-So-Basic HR Knowledge for People New to HR

  1. HR Essentials | 3 Day Series

Gain some detailed knowledge of the topics that are involved in Human Resources.  This is the stuff they DON’T teach you in college!  In three days-worth of classroom training (spread out over three separate weeks) this series covers:

  • The HR role from posting the job to terminating the relationship with employees
  • Defining “At Will” employment
  • Legal compliance requirements
  • Necessary forms to include in every personnel file
  • Documentation best practices
  • Basics of ADA, FMLA, DOH & BFOQ
  • Onboarding and Inboarding best practices
  • Clarifying Exempt versus Non-exempt employment statuses

The information covered in this three-day series is truly real-world material that equips anyone who has HR responsibilities to use proper terminology and processes that can keep your organization out of hot water.

Earning this first level of HR Certification can give HR professionals an early edge above others who are new in the field. In fact, several people that are interested in entering the HR world, study for (and earn) their Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) certification before taking their first HR position. The only eligibility requirement to sit for the exam is to have earned a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Just because the exam doesn’t require extensive HR experience, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to pass. Our two-day classroom boot camp series (spread out over two separate weeks) covers general HR knowledge, principles and practices that make up this exam, including:

  • HR operations
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Compensation and benefits
  • HR development and retention
  • Employee relations
  • Health, safety and security

Both of these training series can equip individuals who are new in HR with the foundational knowledge that is required to support the employees in your organization and help your business reduce risk while remaining compliant.

To learn about more advanced certification options that will accelerate your HR career, click here to see how EANE prepares HR professionals for certification at all levels. No matter how far along you are in your HR career, we can help you gain those coveted initials behind your name. There are great opportunities in the HR field, set yourself apart – the sky is the limit.