Bring STRENGTH & STRATEGY to your business in just 2 hours!

Re-framing your policies and processes alone may seem daunting – So rely on your partners at EANE with HR Power Hours.

In today’s rapidly changing and disruptive landscape, HR professionals need to adapt and change how they operate. 

From policies, to process, to employee communications that foster engagement, these initiatives can involve many steps while ensuring that all aspects align and are effective in achieving business outcomes.

Need a deeper dive than a hotline call?  EANE’s Power Hours give you focused access to seasoned HR professionals that can work with you on a specific pressing challenge.

Your two-hour session with one of our certified HR Professionals will address the questions above with you and provide:

  • Education
  • Customization, and
  • Applications

that will strengthen your business as we rebuild the regions’ economy!

EANE’s two-hour “HR Power Hours” sessions are available to EANE members for only $199.

Email [email protected] now to schedule your HR Power Hours now and get ready to give your organization the strength and strategy today’s businesses need to succeed!

If you have a project that could use this kind of focused expertise from one of our HR Business Partners, we can work with you to set up a longer-term and/or wider-scale HR Business Partner project.

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