Is Your Organization Where The Candidates Are?

Article Contributed by Danielle Goldaper

We know that people don’t leave jobs, they leave people. So it stands to reason that people would be attracted to work for people that they like. Sounds simple enough, no? All employers have to do is show off how great their people are. But how??

Today’s job candidates need to know that the company is approachable. Let’s face it. Companies aren’t approachable, people are.  How can you think of your organization as a person? And how will that be communicated to your candidates? Are you immediate in your communications and processes? Are you social in your community and online? Are you personal in your approach? Not only do these characteristics showcase your organizational values to potential future employees, but they are also those cultural characteristics that attract customers! Talk about a win-win!

These characteristics are simply words on a page when they’re a “copy and paste” block of text that gets pulled off of your website and added to every job posting that goes out. Words alone aren’t typically emotive enough to show the human side of your organization. This is why today’s organizations need to think outside the job boards! Social media presence, video and even traditional mass media marketing are far more effective in demonstrating WHO your organization is and why a candidate would want to be a part of your team.

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