Leaders Don’t Climb Alone

Article Contributed by Danielle Goldaper

EANE is excited to introduce the opening Keynote speaker for our 2023 Leadership Summit, Chris Waddell. Chris is a western MA native and a US Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Famer. In his opening keynote session at the MassMutual Center on March 29, Chris will share insights about how his experience as the first nearly unassisted paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro relates to the challenges and best practices of leadership.

With the calendar year drawing to a close, this is an excellent time for leaders to take stock of where their journey has led them over the last 12 months.

What contributions have your team members made to the list of 2022’s accomplishments? True leaders know that the job didn’t get done by the contributions that they’ve made alone. (Why be a leader at all if the only success story is your own?) Whether team members developed new skills, improved efficiencies, connected you with valuable new talent or resources or just kept the climb moving when it seemed like everything else was falling behind – those are the sherpas that make a climb successful for a team!

What coaching and development did you gain from official and unofficial leaders in your network? Did your direct supervisor challenge you this year with a goal that looked unattainable in January? Maybe your organization invested in expanding your skills or resources to help you reach new performance goals. Was there a mentor that asked you questions or caused you to view challenges through a new lens? These are the guides that help us reach success!

Leaders are responsible for showing up with vision and driving results from the talent we’re responsible for. Achieving results takes contributions from every member of the team. In these last few weeks of the calendar year, consider which contributions you may have overlooked. Consider asking team members which accomplishments they’re most proud of contributing towards your organization’s success this year.

You just might find that intentionally focusing on the valuable contributions of those around you will highlight future opportunities for success on your team and even some future leaders that can help you reach new heights!

Consider celebrating and developing the strengths leaders use each day to reach success by bringing a team of leaders and future leaders from your organization to the 2023 Leadership Summit!