Talent development is an investment in the people that build the success of your organization. Like any investment, there are ways to maximize the return so that employees who participate in a learning program grow into coaches that share skills with other members of your workforce. Notes From The Development Desk will share quick-read insights from EANE’s Certified Professional Talent Development (CPTD) solutions manager, so that YOU can strengthen the employee development program in your organization.

Author’s Greeting

Michelle Desaulniers, Learning & Development Solutions Manager

I’m excited to share this forum with you, and I look forward to publishing new blog articles on topics related to learning and development. I am also looking forward to hearing your suggestions and your ideas on topics that are of interest to you.

While this blog allows me to share several timely updates and best practices for maximizing the value of staff development, there is nothing more beneficial than a unique learning needs assessment to evaluate the most critical development needs in your own organization.

The EANE Learning & Development team is ready to help you retain talent, grow talent and attract talent with employee development opportunities that offer solutions to today’s workplace challenges.

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