It is time to put the Human back in Leadership!
As innovative business leaders we must remember that teams are made up of human beings. In the wake of the great resignation, with employees leaving positions that make them feel less than human, it’s time for innovative business leaders to take a hard look at how they treat their people.
A human-centric leader treats humans as humans, recognizes their struggles and contributions, and makes gratitude and flexibility part of the company culture. This creates an outstanding employee experience that inspires innovation and creativity. The human-to-human dynamic in the workplace pushes leaders to display authenticity, empathy and adaptivity which have been described as key qualities of great leaders. Where these qualities for formerly nice to have, they are now qualities that leaders have to have in order to attract and retain the best and the brightest.
Are you ready to learn about the qualities of a human-centric workplace and how innovative leaders can implement them?