Webinar Learning

Our monthly “HR-Info” webinars focus on foundations of HR throughout the life of the employment cycle. These 60-minute sessions on the second Thursday of the month refresh your skills, bolster your knowledge and review new twists on traditional topics from handbooks to drug-testing, record-keeping to termination and beyond. EANE Members attend these monthly webinars for FREE. Members may also access all of our previously recorded webinars at no charge. Non-Members may register for a $95 fee per webinar.

2021 Monthly HR-Info Webinar Topics:

Branding for Your Culture | Reflect The Values That Promote Internal and External EngagementJanuary 14
Minimizing Workplace NegativityFebruary 11
Performance Feedback | How Who & WhenMarch 11
OSHA & Safety in the Workplace in 2021April 8
Ins and Outs of EE0-1 in 2021May 13
Aligning Talent & BusinessJune 10
The How and Why of Designing and Implementing a Learning AcademyJuly 8
Diversity Equity & Inclusion | More Than “Checking The Boxes”August 12
Common Wage & Hour Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemSeptember 9
Going Paperless | Reduce Waste and Increase ProductivityOctober 14
Putting Your Training Into Practice To Really See ROINovember 11
Salary Trends for Your 2022 BudgetDecember 9

FREE 30 Minute Webinars Each Month

Our monthly “30-on-Third” Thursday (30 minutes on the Third Thursday of each month) webinars focus on hot topics coming in from our member HOTLINE calls and other popular topics.  Our recent webinar themes have included leadership development and tools to help you measure employee engagement. These webinars are open to the public (EANE membership is not required to participate.)

“30-on-Third” Thursday | Oct 21 | 12:30

Boiling Point | The Rise of Workplace Escalations That Can Lead to Violence

Mask mandates, vaccine requirements, the continuation of COVID-related stress and mental health issues . . .

It’s the perfect storm of emotional and physical pain that your employees, vendors and customers are bringing into the workplace every day. Do your managers know how to quickly de-escalate a situation that could get volatile in a matter of seconds?

Join the team from PASS, Protective Advanced Safety Services as they discuss the rise of workplace violence today and how some of their programs can help you prevent a serious situation within your workplace.

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