Purpose Has Professional Power

Article contributed by John Henderson

I start each of my Totally Responsible Person© (TRP) classes with the same question “What is your purpose?” I ask participants to write it down in their workbooks – I don’t give them any additional guidance. It usually stumps some people but eventually, everyone is writing down their purpose. The foundational purpose of TRP is simple “To remain positive, productive and effective – no matter what the circumstances.”

“Purpose” is such a powerful word. It can be a noun meaning “the reason for which something is done.” It can also be a verb meaning “to intend; to resolve or to do something.” As leaders we should focus on the verb – what do we intend to do for our staff, organization and self. When leaders lead with purpose they display a passion for their work and this impacts everything and everyone around them. Have you ever had or seen a leader who truly motivates and inspires others? They gain a reputation as someone others want to work for, and with.

During this pandemic, good leaders don’t lose sight of their purpose and the purpose of their business and employees. Maintaining a positive outlook is a way to lead with purpose – we all have our struggles dealing with the pandemic but a leader needs to find a way to always inspire others to do better to reach their potential.

One person who knows how to lead with purpose is Pamela Landwirth. She is the author of On Purpose a book about things that really matter – helping others, leading with passion, inspiring people around you. She notes that purpose will make you, and your business, more successful and your life more meaningful. Pamela knows first-hand about the power of purpose – she is the president and CEO of Give Kids The World, a non-profit resort that fulfills wishes of critically ill kids and their families in the Orlando area.

She has dedicated herself to doing good for others (staff, kids and families) which has helped her retain supercharged and passionate employees in her organization.

EANE is excited to have Pamela as the virtual keynote speaker on December 9, 2021, to speak on “Harnessing the Power of Purpose.”