Talent Translation & Curation

Developing Staff Training Plans Is Just the Start

Article contributed by John Henderson

Prior to the COVID pandemic, HR roles were already expanding to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business and labor market. In early 2020 everyone’s home and work life changed. The pandemic put much pressure on HR professionals to help navigate their organization through unprecedented waters.

As we continue to return to the familiar it is important to look at the next group of HR leaders – the ones who will take lead in an organization to continue navigating waters that may start to return to the familiar.

EANE gathered senior HR leaders, executive coaches, academicians and staff to identify the top 8 competencies the next HR leader should master. As a result of the meeting of these great minds, EANE designed the HR Leadership Certificate Series. This series is a unique combination of monthly facilitator-led sessions focusing on the 8 core competencies with meetings with an executive coach and project accountability advisor.  

The core competencies to be covered in this series are:

  • Leadership
  • Relationship Building
  • Business Acumen
  • Project Management
  • Talent Translation and Curation
  • Change Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Thinking and Alignment


In today’s labor market it is vital to focus on Talent Translation and Curation. Kim Kenney-Rockwal, MBA, SPHR, Director of the MBA & Graduate Business Programs at Elms College will be leading this session. In her opinion, proper planning prevents poor organizational performance. It is important for HR professionals, along with other leaders in the organization, to be able to view their talent as an investment opportunity and NOT an expense. She sees HR’s role as the bridge to help mitigate the risk that turnover can have on a company’s ability to achieve its strategic goals. Simply put she states “talent translator is centered on workforce and succession planning.”

For EANE’s HR Leadership Certificate series, Kim Kenney-Rockwal will help participants understand how to create, evaluate and influence the business case for integrated succession planning well beyond a simple replacement chart.