Unemployment Fraud Headaches Continue!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently issued tax form 1099-G for individuals who received unemployment benefits in the Calendar Year 2020. Unfortunately, many were sent to individuals who were victims of UI fraud and never filed nor personally received UI benefits. This has caused obvious angst and stress. Many victims are having a difficult time navigating or receiving information from the State as to how to address and rectify this alarming issue.

The Legal Department of the DUA recommends the following as the proper course of action for those receiving the 1099-G as the result of a fraudulent claim:

If you believe someone has applied for unemployment benefits using your personal information, use the secure form to report this to the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) via this link on the DUA website.

While completing the form may not give you any additional comfort, the DUA has stated that doing so will suppress the 1099-G from being sent to the IRS for tax purposes. However, if someone did receive some benefits but the amount isn’t correct, individuals need to call customer service directly on this specific matter. In addition, all fraud claims can be reported by calling the MA DUA.

EANE’s partner from our Partner Advantage Program, UTCA, provided us with this valuable information. For more information about how UTCA and their team supports employers around UI, please visit their website at www.utcainc.com.