Assessments: Tools for Development, Hiring and Team Building

By Val Harlow.

Assessments have various uses to provide support and guidance. They are great tools that can focus and narrow down development needs, select the best candidate or identify gaps in group dynamics.  Assessments are also useful ways to promote self-awareness and help leaders at all levels identify specific areas that align to future development and aspirations.


What: 360’feedback assessments provide information from many perspectives: self, manager, peers, direct reports, clients, etc.  360’ Assessments provide broader perspective and framework of someone’s areas of strength and areas to develop.

Why: 360’ feedback assessments are helpful for short- and long-term development planning. They are a worthwhile investment for key employees/leaders in an organization.

Who: C-Suite, high potentials, those moving into a Leader of Leaders role

EANE offers:

  • Korn Ferry 360 – competency based and ideal for C-Suite, high potentials, those moving into a Leader of Leader role
  • EQ360 – focused on emotional intelligence- ideal for managers, individual contributors etc. to help identify EQ impact and development

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

What: The Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.  

Why: EQ is a predictor of success in life and in work. It can be worked on and developed to enable self-awareness and impacts on social relationships.

Who: individual contributors, supervisors, managers, C-Suite

EANE offers:

  • EQ-i 2.0 Workplace
  • EQ-i 2.0 Leadership


What: identify the priorities that drive our behavior and style at work, the four main styles Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Consciousness and the various combinations help us identify our style at work and ways to adapt to be more effective in communicating and relating to others

Why: DiSC is a flexible assessment tool that gives insights into our behavior style at work. It enables people to adapt their style to be more effective with others.  It can be used with groups as well.

Who: individual contributors, supervisors, managers

EANE offers:

  • Everything Workplace DiSC, Everything Management DiSC. Sales DiSC, Work of Leaders, Conflict DiSC

TKI – Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes Instrument

What: the TKI identifies the five conflict modes individuals gravitate toward, don’t use, or use infrequently.

Why: this helps individuals learn their approach to conflict and determine ways to apply the information to conflict resolution processes.

Who: any teams, individuals who want to learn more about their conflict resolution modes

Drake P3 Assessments

What: Find, select, manage, motivate, and retain talent -Designed in-house by a team of organizational psychologists, the Drake P3 system is a multi-purpose assessment tool empowering you to find, select, manage, motivate, and retain talent. Integrating user-friendly, online technology with behavioral psychology, the initial 15-20-minute assessment survey contains 100 adjectives individuals may choose to describe themselves. The responses are then processed through 14,000 statistical calculations at the click of a mouse.

Why: Drake P3 reveals a person’s natural behavioral tendencies and analyzes the four key traits most predictive of workplace performance and cultural fit, dominance, extraversion, patience, and conformity. The survey also incorporates communication styles, emotional intelligence, motivational needs, decision-making abilities, stress levels, energy levels, learning styles, and more.

Who: job candidates

Assessments are tools that can help in a variety of ways: recruiting and hiring, leadership development, team building, conflict resolution and more.  EANE is a partner who can help you find the best assessment and partner with you to identify the goals you want to achieve.